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Hardwood Floor Staining

On requests made by our customers, we will apply stains on the surfaces that had just been sanded, by this changing the color of the wood, but keeping the aspect and the effect given by the woods grain and structure.

After the surface was properly sanded and prepared, a number of coats of finish may be applied, often buffing between coats with a smoother sand-paper to eliminate the impurities that might fall on the wood surface between different coats of poly. We will buffer the surface, because buffering is designed to both clean and protect wood, gently dislodging dirt and also leaving behind a glossy finish in the floor surface.

Topten Hardwood Floor company will also refinish the wood floors. By refinishing we understand the redoing or the fixing of a surface previously finished or painted, from re-sanding the whole surface to applying new stains and coats of finish, giving your floor a new look and a whole new perspective.

We will provide our customers with valuable information regarding the care and maintenance of the hardwood surfaces that we had installed and finished or re-finished. With over 25 years of real- jobs experience, here at Topten Hardwood Floor company, we guide our business after the most important aspects of our jobs: time-lasting quality and long-term satisfied customers. That is why, we will always be glad to answer your queries or questions, because we know or advice will prove to be valuable.

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